The Healing Circle is a community-based organization dedicated to the healing of childhood sexual violence. Our major purpose is to create safer communities for all children. To accomplish this goal, we as responding adults, must be committed to the process of personally healing our own experiences of victimization, while also examining personal prejudices, misuses of power, and unintentional forms of abuse that occur in a culture seeped in violence. To further the goal of greater safety for children, we are committed to the on-going process of redefining community standards, working against all forms of oppression, creating positive alliances with other community organizations, and our own partnership community. Our work specifically includes but is not limited to: providing camps for survivors of sexual violence, providing on-going training for volunteers, and coordinating community education.

The Healing Circle, Inc. shall not discriminate in the allocation of services, volunteer recruitment, Core Committee membership, or paid personnel on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, physical limitation or ability, national origin, economic status, marital status, sexual orientation or in any other manner unrelated to the purposes of this organization.