This home is a HUMAN SANCTUARY
In This House:
  • We give non-violent consequences.
  • We encourage each other.
  • Each person is an individual.
  • Everyone is responsible for his/her own mess and success.
  • Everyone is allowed to feel good about her/his own body, and to have a safe 'bubble' of space.
  • We talk openly about feelings and problems.
  • We don't hit or hurt anyone.
  • We don't put each other down or call each other names.
  • No one is unfavorably compared to someone else.
  • No one is 'rescued' from learning the important lessons of life (unless they are in danger of harming themselves or others)
  • No one is to be tricked, forced or trapped into unwanted sexual touching.
  • Big problems are never a 'secret' to be swept under the rug.
  • Download this file, print it out, and hang it in your home!
    NOTE: This printout is an Adobe Acrobat PDF. You will need to download and install Adobe's free Acrobat Reader if you do not already have version 4 or greater.