VOCA Camp is a project of The Healing Circle, Inc. VOCA, which means Victory Over Child Abuse, was created in Clatsop County, Oregon, to meet the special needs of sexually abused kids. It all started when children in counseling groups asked for a camp just for them. Parents, counselors, and many supportive adults helped create the VOCA Camp idea and make it a reality.

The Healing Circle has just completed our 17th year of annual camps for child survivors.

There are two camps, one for boys and a one for girls. VOCA Camp is similar to a traditional camp experience; fishing, canoeing, creating crafts and campfires.

However, what is different about VOCA camp is that each child is given their own "Buddie". During camp they are able to create a trusting relationship with a safe adult. They work together in cabin groups to create a safe family atmosphere and join together every day with the rest of the camp for activities such as morning circle and meal times; giving the children a sense of a safe community.

Any Clatsop County child that has experienced sex abuse is eligible to attend VOCA Camp. Fill out and send us this form. Talk with your counselor or caseworker. If you have questions, you can leave us a message at (503) 325-2761. We will return your call as soon as possible.

These Camps Really Work!!
VOCA has been honored by two Oregon Governors and recognized in the United States Congressional Record. In addition, VOCA has appeared in statewide newspapers and national magazines, including the award-winning article entitled, "Where Once Were Tears."