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By Michael Renne & Bob Goldberg

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 2020 Learners at Play


Select another tile to swap.

Rearrange the number tiles and combine with any of the four arithmetic operations, +, −, ×, and ÷, so that the value of the expression you're building is equal to the target number in the red box below.

Click the spaces between the number tiles until you have the desired operation. Order of operations will follow the order that you set the operations, and clicking will undo the last operation you chose.

When the red box turns green, click it! Yellow means you're close - click it for partial points!

If you've selected the impossible option, clear the operations and then click the red box when you think there isn't a solution. This option requires that you have Same Numbers or Sequential Targets set to On.

A solution can be obtained by clicking the calculator , but it will start a new puzzle and reset your score.


(changes will reset the puzzle and your score)

Boost your score by increasing the challenge!

Currently: The value of your expression will be shown.
Currently: Numbers will change each turn.
Currently: Flexible scoring for close solutions.
Currently: Random target each turn.
Currently: All puzzles will have a solution.

Solution is...