Who Am I?

I am pro-life. Not that kind of pro-life, but actually pro all life. I realize that there are situations where some life may need to be sacrificed, but I strive to minimize my participation in that sort of activity, and I would prefer that all life be respected and allowed to live with dignity. What really gets my goat is people who are anti-abortion, but who cheer on murder, war, military gamesmanship, violence, death, and other harm to other humans, animals, plants, and other life that they have trouble accepting.

I am a democrat. Not a Democrat, but one who believes that people should govern themselves. I realize that it gets more and more difficult to govern larger and larger populations fairly, but we've got to do a better job at this at every level of population. What really gets my goat is people who say we must save democracy, but who try like hell to prevent many groups of people from participating in the decisions involved.

I am a technophile. Not someone who believes technology will save us no matter what the cost and consequences. I realize that some science and its resulting technology is so destructive that it should be prevented from being developed and used, but I still get excited at new discoveries in science and technology, and I don't think we should prevent people from dreaming about and working on these things. What really gets my goat is people who either poo-poo all technology or people who can't find anything wrong with any new technology, or even worse, people who develop and promote technology that enriches themselves and does no benefit to society.

I am a scientist. Not a corporate scientist, but a person who seeks truth through observation and experiment, and is curious about all things. I realize that science is often used as an almost religious authority, where questioning it is considered heresy, but real science is the constant questioning of the prevailing narrative, ideas and hypotheses, and assumes no authoritative answers to the big and small questions we have. What really gets my goat is when science is used as religious dogma, where you can't question it, and where you risk being banished from the graces of society for doing so.